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"Course materials were good, the mentoring approach was excellent. The instructor did a good job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement."
 "Taking online classes here at Life Choice Academy has been a major benefit to me. The courses are well laid out and the instructor is a leader in his field. Thanks Life Choice Academy for allowing me to have a flexible schedule while learning this content."
"I received my certificate, and I would like to thank Life Choice Academy for their continuous support. The course was challenging, but the instructor was clear and the layout was effective. I enjoyed the classes tremendously."
Josh Stobbard

Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

With us you will have the opportunity to learn from one of the most notable professionals in the field. Very few courses (if any!) offer instruction directly from the Founder, CEO and Formulator of a Nutraceutical company.

What will I learn?

At the Life Choice Academy, you will take advantage of the over 35 years of experience that Eldon Dahl, DNM, has earned in both clinical practice and in the formulating of natural health products. This course truly represents the life-time knowledge of one of the leaders of the Canadian natural health industry. You will learn the impetus behind the Life Choice product line and what makes these products stand out among competitors - directly from the formulator!

How will this learning affect my life?

You will gain a solid understanding of natural medicine and how the body is designed to receive and respond to different natural medicines. Expect some deep learning directly from the man who created the formulations to address specific health challenges. This knowledge will give you the tools to affect your health and the health of those you serve and care about.
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